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Gene Therapy and Genomic Prevention of Inherited Diseases Team Work
Person Dr. Ashraf Dallol
Research Unit Supervisor
Person Prof. Abdulbaset Buhmeida
Core Group Member
Person Dr. Aisha Elaimi
Core Group Member
Person Dr. Najla Filimban
Core Group Member
Person Dr. Gauthaman Kotindraman
Core Group Member
Person Dr. Murad Assidi
Core Group Member
Person Dr. Heba Alkhatabi
Core Group Member
Person Dr. Ashwag Albukhari
Core Group Member
Person Dr. Halah AlKadi
Core Group Member

Inherited disorders are common in Saudi Arabia, possibly due to the high rates of AZmarriages. Such disorders include Hemoglobinopathies, skeletal dysplasias, congenital heart defects, inborn errors of metabolism, renal disorders, mental retardation and many others. Advances in technologies allow for Prevention (Premarital screening, NIPT, pre-implantation genetic screening and diagnosis), and Treatment (Reprogrammable pluripotent stem cells and gene editing technologies). Potential outcomes will include; Novel, relevant and standardized diagnostic and clinical classification protocols; development of novel and improved genetic screening technologies; novel therapeutics approaches.

  • Help reduce the burden of inherited disorders through the utilization and improvement of post-genomic and epigenomic tools in order to provide the society with effective and ethical preventative measures.
  • Transfer the reprogrammable stem cell technology to study disease mechanism and treatment options.
  • Establish gene therapy protocols and techniques and test the validity of its many tools in the treatment of inherited disorders.
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