Gene Therapy and Genomic Prevention of Inherited Diseases
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        The gene therapy and genomic prevention of inherited diseases unit aims at uncovering the principles of engineered viral vectors in delivering therapeutic genes to animal models and humans. Discovering new gene therapeutics using clinical vectors, which has translational applications to enhance human health is the unit’s goal. Proof-of-concept studies that includes gene cloning, designing and production of recombinant AAV viral vectors. The unit, under (CIPM), will adopt a multidisciplinary approach to develop therapies for devastating and life-threatening genetic disorders using innovative gene and cell therapy approaches.

  • Large-scale manufacturing of research-grade AAV vector products for proof-of-concept studies.
  • Innovative vector development to enhance gene delivery that could translate into major therapeutic advances.
  • Follow the latest trends in transitional research in gene therapy to pursue safer virus vectors and more effective transgene technology.

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