Center of Innovation in Personalized Medicine Services

1. Dynamic Light Scattering

2. Electrophoretic Light Scattering

3.Zeta Potential

4.Dispersity Index

5.Turbidometry and Transparency

6.Stability studies

7. Encapsulation efficiency and Release Profiles

Synthesis of Nanomaterials Services
1. Soft Nanomaterials (Nanoemulsions, Liposomes and Lipid Nanoparticles)
2. Hard Nanomaterials (e.g. Silver, Gold and Silica Nanoparticles

Pharmaceuticals - Emulsions topical cream, stability of oral formulations, 3D printed hydrogels and scaffolds and personal care products rheological properties can be analysed such as viscosity and elasticity.

Nanotech-based Food applications - Analysis for food and drinks industry, in terms of texture for chocolates, yield stress for sauces, stability of smoothies and jams. All types of foods and drinks, from solids, pastes, gums, gels and liquids can also be tested.

1. Interfacial studies (Surface tension of phases and nanomaterials, adsorption, and desorption studies.

2. Wetting at different controlled temperatures.

1. DNA/ Protein analysis including concentration, gel electrophoresis, and western blots.

2. Plasmids cloning for transient transfection/ over-expression experiments.

3. Immunofluorescence staining for cell culture and tissue sections.

1. 3D printing of pharmaceuticals products including formulations tablets, gels and pills using Extrusion printing.

2. 3D printing of biological materials including hydrogels, scaffolds and nanogels using extrusion printing.

3. 3D printing of solid objects and medical tools using FDM and SLA printing.

1. Rheological properties (Viscosity, fluidity, and consistency).

2. Microbiological testing.

3. Mycology

4. Stability and shelf-life testing.

5. Non-Animal Safety/Toxicity testing.

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