Center of Innovation in Personalized Medicine

Workshops & Activities

In pursuit of achieving our goals toward the Saudi Vision 2030, CIPM’s experts and trained staff are working in collaboration with other organizations; GenaTi, CEGMR, and ROYA’A, to deliver outstanding and innovative workshops and training programs through the Consultant Office for Medical Services ( Here are some of the proposed workshops and training programs:

  • Next Generation Sequencing Principles and Applications in Personalized Medicine.

  • Bioinformatics and Data Mining Program.

  • 3D Bioprinting in Healthcare.

  • Fertility and Assisted Reproduction.

  • Stem Cells and Gene Editing.

  • How to Publish in High Impact Journals Workshop.
Power of Bioinformaics Workshop
20th April 2019
Principle & Application of Cell Culture
24th April 2019
Application of Clinical Cytogenetics Workshop
14th April 2019
Application of DNA Sequencing Workshop
17th April 2019
Application of Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization Workshop
6th March 2019
3rd April 2019
Applications of PCR in Diganostic Molecular Genetics Workshop
3rd March 2019
31st March 2019
How to Publish in High-Impact Journals
14th March 2019
2nd May 2019
Visiting of King Fahd Hospital Trainees to the Center for Innovation in Medicine
30th October 2016
An invitation to participate in a master's thesis
23th February 2016
Lecture about Personalization of Ovarian Cancer Therapy
11th January 2016
(Single Cell Genomics: Dissecting Tumor Heterogeneity) Lecture
23th November 2015
Operetta High Content Imaging System Lecture
12th Pctober 2015
Multidrug Resistant Bacteria In The Gulf Cooperation Council States Lecture

7th January 2015
ورشة عمل
Quantstudio 12K Flex Workshop
24th June 2014
ورشة عمل
Ion Torrent Personal Genome Workshop
18th June 2014
Breast Cancer Genetics Awareness
30th October 2019
iLab Smart Lab Solutions and Web Based Operations Management

20th November 2017
Application of Biotechnology and Recombinant DNA Technology

11th December 2017

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King Fahd Medical Research Center, King Abdulaziz University

(966) 12-695-2000, Ext: 72143

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