Nanomedecine Unit Supervisor

Dr. Hossam Tayeb (966) 12-695-2000, Ext: 25327


        Nanomedicine is one of the rapidly growing fields of scientific research and development, and it is involved in various applications ranging from basic to advanced sciences such as pharmaceutical and medical sciences, engineering, biotechnology, and computer technology. Nanomedicine unit under the umbrella of the Center of Innovation in Personalized Medicine at King Abdulaziz University is essential to keep pace with the rapid development in Saudi Arabia in research and the medical field, and to contribute to innovation and leadership in the field of personalized medicine through the manufacture of advanced therapeutic and diagnostic materials using nanotechnology in line with the Kingdom's vision 2030. In addition, the nanomedicine unit aims to develop innovative platforms to improve the overall diagnostics and therapeutics for better healthcare. The nanomedicine unit can be applied to several industrial research projects by manufacturing nanoparticles capable of delivering therapeutic and diagnostic compounds with precision to increase their effectiveness, thereby improving the quality of treatments for many diseases including cancer, liver, kidney, and heart diseases.

        The continuous increase in the number of publications, as well as the rapid development of nanomedicine industry, some of which have been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, demonstrate the benefits of medical nanotechnology, and how they are promising as diagnostic platforms for many diseases. The nanomedicine unit plans to establish an integrated research group that can be involved in research and clinical applications and organize workshops and training courses in the field of medical nanotechnology. The nanomedicine unit at the Center of Innovation in Personalized Medicine aiming to be the leading research center in nanomedicine in the Middle East. The nanomedicine unit is aimed to be a hub for researchers to advance their research projects. Publication in prestigious scientific journals, patents and innovation are main goals for the nanomedicine unit. The supervision of graduate and postgraduate students to facilitate their success in advance research areas, improving their theoretical and practical knowledge, is another important aspect at the nanomedicine unit. The nanomedicine unit is also establishing national and international scientific collaboration to advance the medical application of nanotechnology.

        The nanomedicine unit aims to cooperate with industrial companies. It also provides researchers and students with effective training opportunities in advanced nanotechnology, direct participation in research, and practical expertise in the design of nanomaterials, thereby expanding their theoretical and practical knowledge in the field. This versatile and specialized training is highly needed in the industry and can be the basis for launching nanomedicine-companies to meet and address the current and future challenges of the Saudi health system.

  • Be the regional leader in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East for manufacturing medical nanotechnologies.
  • Creating a world-class research and development platform in the field of medical nanotechnology.
  • Develop innovative solutions in the field of nanomaterials-based drug delivery systems capable of delivering treatments and diagnostic materials with high precision within the human body.
  • Nanomedicine labs capable of supporting researchers, graduate students, and undergraduate students in their research projects. - Providing training workshops and scientific seminars for students, researchers, clinicians, and academics. - Providing services to government and private hospitals, patients, universities, and research centers. - Communication with other academic laboratories, government laboratories and industrial companies that will push us towards vision 2030 goals.

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