Guiding Principles & Strategic Plan

In order to achieve all the objectives of the CIPM, three unifying themes were adopted that we believe will guide development of research in the near future: the use of cutting-edge technology and science; the necessity of multidisciplinary and multi-institutional research partnerships; and the demand for personalized medicine which will increasingly drive the funding market for research and delivery of health care.  

To achieve this vision, the following five goals were identified as essential.

  1. Provide an unsurpassed work environment for investigators so that they may capitalize on existing strengths and demographics to produce research of national recognition in multiple areas and of international recognition in select areas.

  2. Develop the KACST Technology Innovation Center in Personalized Medicine to provide the necessary infrastructure to support translational research efforts by its investigators.

  3. Develop the national research leaders to reach internationally-recognized standards.

  4. Create visionary strategic partnerships with the Saudi Business Sector.

  5. Create world-class research programs in order to develop and implement personalized medicine.

Diagram illustrating the guiding principles and essential goals of the CIPM

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