3D Bioprinting and Tissue Engineering Team Work

Dr. Raed Felimban


Person Dr. Saeed Kabrah
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I3D Bioprinting and Tissue Engineering is an emerging multidisciplinary field that mainly involves all health sciences plus pharmacy, electronic engineering, material and computer sciences. The 3D Bioprinting and Tissue Engineering unit usually incorporate three integral components i.e. cells, architecture, and materials in order to create personalised solutions for essential day-to-day clinical and emergency challenges.
These solutions aim not only to maintain the original human structure but to restore and maintain the function of the tissue and organs. In addition, it holds great potential for improving the health and quality of life for millions of people at risk of clinical problems such as infections, cancer, neurodegenerative disorders and trauma, in Saudi Arabia and worldwide.
The unit will imply the 3D-Bioprinting technology to create complex 3D structures that can also be constructed with living cells to create real living tissue and human parts. The produced tissues and parts are entirely functional and mimic the real human body. These bio-products are beneficial clinically as cellular/tissue replacement therapy, or they could be used in research for the testing of cosmetic, chemical, and pharmaceutical materials. In addition, these products could be used for normal and/or disease modelling and understanding normal/diseased physiological process.

  • It is a game-changing research that stands beyond the conceptual therapy directed towards innovation precision therapeutics for incurable diseases.
  • 3D Bio-printed tissues and organs will be utilized and developed from phase I to phase III of pre-clinical trials which can be lead to an innovative and novel therapeutic approach.
  • The 3D Bio-printed tissues and organs that are printed from human cells theoretically provide similar microenvironment. Ultimately, providing an opportunity for the researcher to perform the drug testing experiments in vitro in living tissues and organs.

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