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The sequencing of the human genome has shown that there is no single generic clinical management protocol for any disease. The genetic and epigenetic composition of each person is going to affect his or her likelihood of developing a disease, having this disease diagnosed and alter his or her response to treatment. In addition, it is plausible to assume that wrong diagnoses are made because a particular patient is from an ethnic group which has not been studied extensively and the lack of information about the genetic modifiers of diseases in that group limited the ability to provide an accurate risk assessment and direct the clinician to use the right diagnostic tools. The Solution is Personalized Medicine


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CIPM is a leading center in innovative research for personalized medicine since its establishment in 2012 at KAU. Thanks to the dynamic leadership and team of devoted researchers, today Next Generation Sequencing based panels and PGD/PGS remain its hallmarks. As the center progresses towards KSA Vision 2020 and subsequently Vision 2030, a new era of dynamic translational research has led to the establishment of a niche in “Innovative Precision Therapeutics” (IPT). With stringent management plan and interdisciplinary / intra-institutional approach and in coordination with ministry of education RDO; IPT at CIPM is determined to have a comprehensive impact all the way from grass root reforms to global recognition.

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In pursuit of achieving our goals toward the Saudi Vision 2030, CIPM’s experts and trained staff are working in collaboration with other organizations; GenaTi, CEGMR, and ROYA’A, to deliver outstanding and innovative workshops and training programs through the Consultant Office for Medical Services. .

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