Center of Innovation in Personalized Medicine

Prof. Adeel Gilzar Chaudhary

Adeel Chaudhary - Ph.D

Director of the Center

Scientific Profile:

After completing my PhD in 1999 from the University of Sheffield in Genotypingof the TNF and IL-1 gene cluster; development of high throughput technology,application in human disease and functional studies, I was appointed as anassistant professor at the department of Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT),Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences (FAMS), King Abdulaziz University (KAU).Apart from participating academically at the undergraduate level, I becamemember of a strategic group of young scientists that embarked on arevolutionary course at KAU. I was, therefore, involved in establishingstate-of-the art core diagnostic facility for Cytogenetics and MolecularGenetics in 2003 named Diagnostic Genomic Medicine Unit (DGMU). Since then Ifocused on establishing training programs in molecular genetics for highcaliber Saudi graduates from various health faculties at KAU. Basic researchplatforms were also launched in parallel with expanding diagnostic services whereI was involved in implying technology, outlining SOPs, various safety, quality controland assurance programs that finally lead to the CAP accreditation of DGMU in2011. My main stream research was focused on investigating the underlyinggenetic causes of neurodegenerative diseases with particular emphasis onDuchenne Muscular Dystrophy and Spinal Muscular Atrophy. I have so farsuccessfully supervised research projects for more than 50 undergraduate MLT students,eight MSc students and published over twenty papers.

Now the program provides umbrella to severalmultidisciplinary teams composed of Saudis and foreigner scientists, clinicians& international highly cited researchers working on neurodegenerativedisorders, intellectual disabilities of all forms, autism and various types of Epilepsies.The technology implied in this program includes array CGH, real time PCR,methylation analysis, western blots, electron microscopy, automated and nextgeneration sequencing. NGRP has not only managed to publish well but it hasgenerated ~ SR6 million for CEGMR through King Abdullah City for Science andTechnology (KACST) approved large and strategic grants. My main tasks includetechnical management of CEGMR, streamlining research activities and aggressivelypursuing publications in well cited journals. Facilitate establishment ofcutting-edge training programs and also channelize national and internationalnetworking. After being promoted to associate professor in 2010, I was alsoappointed as chairman of diagnostic radiology department at FAMS. During my twoyear tenure I gained extensive experience in human resource and academicadministration, however, along with my initial position as vice director fortechnical affairs at CEGMR, I was appointed at Head of Research &Scientific Affairs at the King Fahd Medical Research Center (KFMRC) that hostsCEGMR and DGMU.

Funded Projects:
 Recent Publications:
1. Chaudhary AG, Al-Juhani MA, Azam J, Al-Maghrabi J, Gari M, Abuzenadah A, Al-Qahtani M. Evaluation of Her-2/neu gene amplification in Saudi female breast cancer patients using quantitative real-time PCR and fluorescence in situ hybridization. (accepted 2011).

2. Chaudhary AG. Establishing an array CGH platform for molecular diagnosis of Saudi patients with intellectual disability. Journal of Molecular Genetics. 2011; 3 (2): 12-22.

3. Abuzenadah A, Hussein IR, Damanhoury G, El Sayes F, Zaher G, Gari M, Chaudhary AG, Al-Attas A, Al-Qahtani M Molecular Basis of Beta-Thalassemia in the Western province of Saudi Arabia: Identification of rare β-thalassemia mutations. Hemoglobin. 2011;35(4):346-57.

4. Buhmeida A, Al-Maghrabi J, Merdad A, Al-Thubaity F, Hidmi M, Boghas A, Syrjanen K, Chaudhary A, Gari M, Abuzenadah A, Al-Qahtani M, Dallol A. RASSF1A methylation is predictive of poor prognosis in breast cancer in the background of overall low methylation Frequency. Anticancer Res. 2011 Sep;31(9):2975-81.

5. Buhmeida A, Al-Maghrabi J, Merdad A, Al-Thubaity F, Chaudhary A, Gari M, Abuzenadah A, Collan Y, Syrj?nen K, Al-Qahtani M. Prognostic value of mitotic counts in breast cancer of Saudi Arabian patients. Anticancer Res. 2011 Jan;31(1):97-103.

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