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Melecular Biology (NGS) Team Work
Person Dr. Ashraf Dallol
Senior Scientific
Person Ms. Maram Amen
Molecular Biology Specialist
Person Ms. Noura Bagatain
Molecular Biology Specialist
Person Mr. Mohammed Alshodukhi
Molecular Biology Specialist
Next generation sequencing (NGS)

Next-generation sequencing (NGS), also known as high-throughput sequencing, is the catch-all term used to describe a number of different modern sequencing technologies including:

  • Illumina (Solexa) sequencing.
  • Roche 454 sequencing.
  • Ion torrent: Proton / PGM sequencing.
  • SOLiD sequencing.
These recent technologies allow us to sequence DNA and RNA much more quickly and cheaply than the previously used Sanger sequencing, and as such have revolutionised the study of genomics and molecular biology.


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